Kelly Boukobza, founder of the agency, has always been passionate about architecture.

After obtaining her baccalaureate, she enrolled naturally in Créapole, famous school of architecture and design in Paris, where she studied five years.
She will take advantage of her studies to stay a year in New York, where she will work for Dupoux Design.Once her Master's degree in hand, she made her arms for four years with Isabelle Stanislas.
In 2012, she feels the need to express her vision, and then founds, in Paris, her eponymous agency.
These projects are completed in the details, dotted with original ideas.
Live and live in a unique place, in a structured but living space.
Clean lines and sober tones.
She draws and publishes exceptional furniture that completes these atmospheres. 

In 2014, she will create her first exceptional house in Saint-Tropez and start building end-to-end. Today, construction is a recurring activity of the agency. 

She favors and plays raw materials.
It creates contemporary and minimalist spaces.
His touch and assured and obvious.

KY Architecture


KY Architecture is an Interior Architecture agency founded in 2012 by Kelly BOUKOBZA.

She currently supervises a team of three junior interior designers within her agency who bring dynamism to the projects.

Sharp and meticulous, concerned about the detail and the harmony of the renderings, she and her collaborators work on various and varied projects.
Apartments, houses, hotels, restaurants, shops, Airbnb media, co-orking.
KY Architecture intervened on each of its missions, from the construction to the planning, through the optimization of plans and until the realization of the furniture.

 To date, the development of the agency has allowed to intervene on Paris, Saint-Tropez, Avignon, and currently in Deauville and Geneva.

The Team

Because it knows that a successful project depends on both an artistic conception and a technical capacity of production, the agency is surrounded by its team of privileged, professional and quality craftsmen.
This gives you the ability to manage all phases of a project, from design to consolidation, from completion to delivery.

Laura Constantini

Laura joined the KY Architecture team in 2018 as Junior Home Architect.

Technical, creative and involved, she is now in charge of the site monitoring of several projects.

Laura studies at the Charpentier Academy and graduated from a Master of Interior Design and Design recognized by the CFAI.

Laura Sandoval

Laura has been working for KY Architecture since early 2018 as a Junior Interior Architect.

Originally from Venezuela, Laura is solar.

She is in charge of the plans and documents of the administrative files on the retail part.

She is a DPLG / HMO graduate at the University of Margarita in Venezuela.

Prune Wargnier

Plum is the latest recruit of the agency. She joined the team in early 2019 as a Junior Interior Designer.

Rigorous, meticulous and passionate, she became integrated and brought her know-howNaturally. She is in charge of monitoring new projects.

Prune graduated from the Blue School of a Master of Interior Design and Design recognized by the CFAI.


KY Architecture
26 rue Ampère,
75017, Paris.
F - 01 77 11 01 90
P - 06 20 98 74 97

Head office
23 rue Jean Mermoz,
75008 Paris.
F - 01 74 30 28 40